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Project Management Fundamentals (Managing Hybrid Projects Using GPMM 3.0) and Business Analysis - Fundamentals

We offer interactive video-based courses. In the complete suite of courses you will learn how to manage Projects, Programs, Portfolio and PMOs.

All courses are built up with videos, tests and a case study.

Currently the courses cover Business Analysis and Project Management in general using the world leading model, GPMM – Greenlight Project Management Model. (Read more about GPMM here.)

GPMM gives a hands-on approach to how to analyze, plan and manage projects, is based on the most well-known standards and best practices from thousands of real projects.


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Project Management - Fundamentals

Business Analysis

  • Course 8: Business Analysis Fundamentals (4 hours)

Course contents more in detail:

Course 1 – Introduction to GPMM
    • Project Culture
    • Projects in a Multi-Project Organization
    • GPMM Overview
    • Roles and Responsibilities and Core 3 Model
    • Project types (Structured, Agile and Hybrid)
    • 4 tests/quizzes
    • Case Study, exercises, tests, and solutions
Course 2 – Project Initiation Using GPMM
    • Project Initiation
    • Milestones and The Tollgate Model
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Scope Management
    • Setting the Project’s Goal and Project Strategy
    • Case Study, exercises, tests, and solutions
Course 3 – Project Planning Using GPMM
    • Project Planning
    • Customer Project Specifics
    • Risk Management
    • The Tollgate 2 Assessment / Decision
    • Case Study, exercises, tests, and solutions
Course 4 – Project Execution and Conclusion Using GPMM
    • Execution (Establishment, Realization and Handover) and Conclusion Phase
    • Governance
    • The Human Perspective
    • Case Study, exercises, tests, and solutions
Course 8 – Business Analysis Fundamentals
    • Course Introduction
    • Background and Introduction to Business Analysis
    • The Process
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Strategy Analysis
    • Elicitation and Collaboration
    • Requirement Management
    • Business Analysis and Agile Methods
    • Requirements Tracing and Prioritization
    • Business Analysis During Project Execution
    • Case Study and 5 quizzes
    • Course Closure
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