¿What if your company could evolve on its own?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are technologies that allows you to automate repetitive tasks using any application or company computer system in the same way a user would do it.

Robots can imitate the tasks that a user would do, such as connecting to web applications, copying, pasting, or renaming files, creating directories and folders, accessing SAP or any other ERP, reading and writing to databases, extracting data from documents, fill out forms, etc. These robots can operate autonomously or in coordination with humans, streamlining processes and reducing workload.

Using AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini etc. you can also benefit enormously in your daily work in general and in project management in specific. In this case you need to learn how to benefit from the chatbots by asking the right questions. That is a challenge, but with training, practicing and project management knowledge you can become much more effective and efficient when using AI.


Improve Efficiency and Productivity

With AI and RPAs you train your employees, strengthen your customer relationships, and create new ways to innovate and work.

Human Ingenuity Alongside AI

It will bring the best of human ingenuity together with AI that automatically optimizes to solve and anticipate your biggest challenges, present and future.

Resource Release

Automation enables workers to concentrate their valuable time on what they do best and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

We can help you to save tens of hours per month for each employee.

Non-invasive Technology

Implementation of automation as a complement to existing systems. Both RPAs and AI operate like a shell on top of or together with other systems.

RPA: 24/7 Operation

The robots do not sleep or rest and can operate every day of the week at all hours, improving production.

Scalability and Consistency

Automation capacity can be increased without a long implementation phase, and tasks are performed the same way every time.

Typical tasks that can be automated with RPAs

Connect to an API

Extract and enter data

Document reading

Generate reports

Operate with Databases

Connect to web applications

Access to SAP or any ERP or CRM

Create directories and folders

Send and receive emails

Perform calculations and actions based on rules

Typical Project Management tasks that can be improved with AI

AI is beneficial across virtually every aspect of project management, encompassing all types of projects and programs: waterfall, agile, and hybrid.

It is also very beneficial at the portfolio level and as part of PMO activities.

Below are just a few examples of how AI can assist:

Business Analysis (including strategy analysis, business case development, and user stories)

Preparation of Project Charters

Scope Management

Agile Project Management (including preparation of the product backlog, prioritization, and estimations)

Preparation of Minutes of Meeting (MoM)

Stakeholder Management

Decision Making

Project Planning and Risk Management

Project Financial Management

Reporting on Project, Program, and Portfolio Status

Services we Offer

Workshops and Trainings

How to benefit from RPAs, how to benefit from AI, process automation, process identification, UiPath, Studio X, Power Automate, ChatGPT, Copilot etc.

Project Management Improvements

Preparation of a customized methodologies powered by customized AI-chatbots which are based on project management standards and GPMM (Greenlight Project Management Model)

Process Consulting

We help you identify and prioritize the processes to automate, always considering the greatest savings in time and cost for your company.

RPA Government Model Consulting

We advise on the RPA roadmap and the definition of the operating and governance model to have an end-to-end framework.

RPA Architecture

Our team is certified with various automation tools to guarantee the best solution for your company. Our developments are backed by years of experience developing software for large companies.

Functional analysis

Process documentation, user training, requirements gathering, functional design, quality control, etc.

Development and Maintenance

Creation of robots according to the client's analysis and requirements, customization of processes to adapt them, deployment, support and maintenance of the robots.

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