White papers

Project Management 3.0: Business Driven Project Management (Executive Summary)
This paper describes the Project Management 3.0 framework and how it can be used to build a common Business Driven Project Management culture. To access the complete white paper, click here.

The value of a common project culture and key aspects on how to achieve it
A transformation project case study – Project Culture Improvement in a mid-sized ICT company in Europe.

Success stories

Managing the lack of governance & project management processes
This case illustrates the importance of a common project management methodology, tailor-made for a specific business, in carrying out worldwide telco projects for multinational companies efficiently.

Improvement of the business analysis process
Business Analysis is a series of activities and techniques that allow us to convert stakeholders’ needs into specific solutions, to be subsequently developed by one or several projects. These activities are known as the Study of Initiatives and the outcome is collected in a Project Charter. There is also a standard for Business Analysis which is called BABOK®.

LEAN applied to portfolio management
Project Portfolio Management is the process used to manage the entire project portfolio. It is about only executing the projects that contribute the highest value to the business, and that are aligned with the strategy, while making the best possible use of available resources. What help can Lean practices bring to the management of this process?

Recovering a delayed project
This case shows the importance of the introduction of “easy to introduce” measures and techniques when managing a project with a troublesome history and long delays.

Managing a chaotic requirements situation
This case shows the importance of Agile practices in making sense and getting a clear picture of complex problems and in focusing improvement efforts on the highest‐priority challenges.