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Driven by our passion for Project Management we are dedicated to helping our customers to better project performance and better business results. With experiences from more than 80 countries, helping multinational industry leaders as well as small and medium sized companies, to improve business results by promoting the importance of a common and good Business Driven Project culture.

Our Story

Greenlight Project Management was established in 2003, at the initiative of its founder and CEO, Rickard Romander. Originally from Sweden, Romander formerly held a Madrid-based managerial position with the Ericsson group. Therefore, GreenlightPM was founded and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Over the years, the company has grown into a truly international company with experience from more than 80 countries. Nowadays especially thanks to out possibility to deliver remotely making use of the latest technologies.

Led by Romander, GreenlightPM has put forward several Project Management models and frameworks over the years. One of the most recognizable ones being the Greenlight Project Management Model (GPMM®), helping organizations to lead projects and programs with great success. A few years ago GreenlightPM introduced the Project Management 3.0 framework, helping organizations to achieve a Business Driven Project Culture in order to improve the business results.

Today, GreenlightPM is established as a company offering services and products to any organization working with projects or being managed by projects, all over the world

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our customers with the Best Project Management,
Business Analysis and Change Management. We contribute with
competence development, consulting and our
Project Management 3.0 Framework.

Our Values



Having fun!

Our Partners

We cover the competence and experience needed in the Total Project Management Environment with our own staff together with that of our partners.


We at Greenlight Project Management believe that as a company it is our responsibility to support what we believe in and give back to the community. Our Corporate Social Responsibility engagements are:

Fundación Vicente Ferrer


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