Gamification, or utilizing game mechanics to increase employee and customer engagement, has become a leading practice among organizations across the world.

Enterprise gamification, when designed and implemented effectively, can help speed up digital transformation by nurturing employee engagement and supporting change management.

Gamification brings out the excitement and playfulness of the end users of your organization. Understanding how to leverage it comes from experience.

Our consulting team will work with you to understand the local market requirements, regulations, and approach to introducing Gamification to your clients.

We will develop, together, the go-to-market strategy and support you in all your User Engagement Strategies until the projects are fully delivered. This is a winning combination for both teams, and of course the customer. To reach that we rely on a very strong and recognized gamification platform: Funifier.

What is Funifier?

Funifier, simply put, puts the much needed fun in customer retention and employee engagement processes. The system allows businesses to create and implement gamification strategies. The application is very easy to use that you can easily add gamification elements to yours business just hours just using your device.

Greenlight Project Management is a certified Funifier Business Partner in Portugal and Spain.

Our Knowledge Track

We help companies on digital transformation by mentoring our customers on the whole Gamification Process:

We offer the following services/training courses to help you implement Gamification in your organization:

Gamification Introduction Course: Ver pdf

Gamification Workshop: Ver pdf

Gamification Project Implementation: by supplementing any professional services you would require to get your company’s strategy implemented.